The ever-increasing reliance on technology and the rate at which those technologies change make the inclusion of IT Audit essential to an effective overall Information Security Program. This IT Audit program is risk-based and tailored to the size and complexity of each individual comprehension, providing a personalized help and guide for you to be successful and understand the end-to-end steps in starting and completing an assessment.

Learn the versatile skills and master the techniques required to perform a comprehensive IT audit immediately and how to land yourself a good paying job in the industry. TechEmbro Theory/hands-on IT audit training courses will deliver the “value-add” organizations are seeking from auditors by providing direct understanding and and showcasing projects that will enable you to be successful. Our courses will develop and expand your audit knowledge of security and controls to properly identify and categorize risks and achieve audit objectives when auditing Applications, ITGC, SOX amongst others.

This training will give you a broad knowledge of;

What Internal Audit Is

IT Audit & Its Process (ITGC)

Structures & Organograms

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Audit Standards & Common IT Audit 

Review Process and finding

SOX Compliance, COSO & COBIT

Why IT Audit as a career:

  • It keeps moving up
  • Its a job in high demand
  • You could pretty much work for any company or organization
  • Make great network of professionals in all business groups
  • Salaries are strong 
  • You will gain understanding of how most business groups operate


  • Training – 5 weeks (2 hours during the weekday 2 hours a day during the weekend (sat)
  • Resume Clinic, Interview prep, interview FAQs, rehearsals and professional profiles on LinkedIn & job boards.

Communication mode:

Zoom Online


Job seekers

Job Transitioning

Better Pay

Soft work

Flexible hours

Professional Network

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“Sean has 9 years of experience in delivering diverse IT projects and managing IT audits as both auditee and auditor. Sean is Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), Certified Information Security Manager (CISM), (CDPSE) Certified Data Protection Security Engineer, (PMP) Project Management Professional and has completed other related certified trainings. He has experience in implementing ISO27001 standards, executing ITGC's, PCI DSS and good knowledge of Information Systems inline with COSO & COBIT frameworks. He has managed several security tools, Access Management Review Cycle, Policies & Procedures, Audit & other integrated projects. Sean is a member of Information Systems Audit and Control Association and has completed his Bachelor’s in Management Sciences from Nigeria and currently embarking on his Master’s program at LSU. At work, his great passion is to drive process improvement, and off work he enjoys playing chess, comedy shows and spending quality time with family and friends .”